Nice Prospects International Updates Limited

Nice Prospects International Updates Limited is an indigenous Quality, health, safety and environmental service company formed with a passion for excellence.

The main thrust is to partner with our clients to identify and explore high value opportunities and address critical challenges while transforming their business with the aim to give our best support.

We have an excellent pool of experts trained and qualified personnels to provide complete world class specialized QHSE consultancy services, trainings and waste management system. This aimed at upgrading performance of organizational personnels, remedying weakness and methods to improve productivity. We through continual assessment of our services in research and development programmes provide the company the ability to ensure the use of best quality personnels in its project implementation process.

Our service delivery comes with powerful solution and strategies for progressive, result-oriented minded people like you. Passionately, we are result driven in terms of values and can help our clients attain their quest for excellence. Our core research capabilities and far-reaching access to information help us to give a truly global perspective.



We help our clients improve their quality compliance and image of a Good Corporate Citizen and gain a competitive advantage by

  • Helping organizations to build their Quality, health, safety and environmental culture
  • Managing organizations MEDEVAC Procedure
  • Creating a pro-active Quality, Health Safety Environmental Management Systems for our clients
  • Minimizing HSE risks of our clients through various methods of risk management
  • Developing companies’ QHSE Plans and procedures
  • Assessing and reducing the environmental and social and health impacts of industry operations or proposed developments
  • Conducting Quality, health and safety and environmental audits and gap analysis
  • Conducting effective HSE leadership and behaviour safety programs, and
  • Providing Quality, health and safety and environmental training tailored to clients’ needs



Scope of Services

Quality Management System Consultancy

  • Conducting internal audits at planned interval to determine whether the Quality management system(Q.M.S) conforms to ISO standard and QMS requirements established by the company
  • Verifying the effectiveness of the management review/customer focus for continual improvement.
  • Reviewing the Quality Manual,Quality Policy,Quality objectives and Quality Plan of the company
  • Verifying the effectiveness of corrective plan,preventive plan and follow up audit to close them.
  • Reviewing Procedures /Documentation for ISO 9001:2000/2008 Certification.
  • Determination of the criteria/method needed to ensure that both the operation and control of the processes are effective.
  • Monitoring and measurement of product characteristics at appropriate stages of the product realization process in accordance with the planned arrangement.
  • Monitoring and measurement of customer satisfaction using information related to customer perception
  • ISO Certification Assistance
  • QA/QC Man Power Supply



Medical Consultancy

  • Procurement of Medical Equipment
  • Man power supply of Nurses and Doctors to companies both on shore and off shore.
  • Building, running and maintenance of Hospitals.
  • Training staff/personnel on Health related issues in case of emergency (First Aid Training)
  • Setting up, running and maintenance of sick bay(Emergency unit) at project site (onshore/off shore), schools, banks, companies, churches and communities.
  • Healthcare man power recruitment and consultancy.



Professional Cleaning Services and Consultancy

 Unique Cleaning of offices, sites, airports, conference halls, Hospitals, Rig Platform, Lodging Camps, e.t.c.

  • Man Power supply of Janitors.
  • Procurement of Cleaning machines, road sweepers, mowers, e.t.c.
  • Consultancy on Janitorial issues.
  • Management of Lodging Camps for On shore and off shore Crew.
  • Production of cleaning reagents.
  • Industrial Cleaning Procedures.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of Roads, Airports, Hotels, e.t.c.



Ambulance/ Medical Evacuation Services

  • Procurement of Ambulances and Emergency Equipment.
  • Evacuation of casualty(ies) from company, banks, schools, on shore/off shore platform.
  • Training of First personnel and refresher courses for first personnel .
  • Prompt response to any Emergency issues.
  • Man power supply of Emergency Response Team Crew.




Safety & Procurement

  • Safety consultancy
  • Safety Training and certification
  • Material Procurement management
  • Safety Management
  • Network Marketing Representative & management.





Environment Pollution Control

  • Oil Pollution Management and Control
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Coporate Waste Management



Engineering works 

  • HVAC Installation and Maintenance
  • Electrical Cable Pulling and Termination
  • Maintenance and Repairs of AC/DC Motors
  • Conduit Wiring
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Project Management and Supervision
  • Man Power Supply



Pharmaceutical Procurement and Services 

  • Supply of Drugs to Companies both on shore and off shore
  • Procurement and Supply of Laboratory Equipment
  • Procurement and supply of chemical reagents.



To be the best company in Africa reaching out to our various clients with quality services for a healthy living.



To use resources available to us to deliver cost effective, quality, standard and safe services with respect to our customers’ specification and on schedule.


Business Principles and Ethics

The company’s Statement of General Business Principles and Ethics outlines core values, and the principles & ethics to be followed by staff in the conduct of the company’s business.  The essence is to achieve company’s objectives in performance and responsibility to stake holders.


Quality Management

The company’s Quality Management System is well structured and built around the ISO 9001:2008 model. The company is currently pursuing a programme for its ISO certification.


Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment, and Security (CASHES)

The company’s CASHES Management System is built around leadership and commitment.  The management framework addresses policies, standards and procedures to be followed, as well as the application of the Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP) tool and Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) register to effectively manage CASHES in the business.



Nigerian Content

As an indigenous company, Nice Prospects International Updates Limited readily offers the platform to contribute to the Nigeria’s local-content progress milestone – through the projects we execute, either on our own or in consortium with technical partners.  The company is committed to the pursuit of in-country quality, medical and empowerment management capability, embracing cross discipline relationships with other companies – foreign and indigenous.



Manpower Resource

Nice Prospects International Updates Limited has 11 regular staff of various disciplines and 17 resource staff on call-out.  Additional hands are brought in when necessary.  The company is highly committed to the competency development of its staff, via: On-the-Job Training, Short-term Courses and Seminars, and Assignment with Technical Partners when the opportunity arises.


Office Facilities

The company facilities include a base office and 1 satellite office in Port Harcourt, complete with workstations, and Quality management system software, library of codes and standards, electronic data bank, and internet / intranet facilities.  Also available are training sites in MSL yard, earmarked for training and consultancy services.  Upgrade of existing office space and facilities will be made as activities level dictates.



Capability & Experience

Nice Prospects International Updates Limited is well established with intellectual property – a team of experienced staff, and support of overseas and Nigerian technical partners – enriching corporate experience.  These staff have lived and worked extensively as empowerment and medical team in different locations in Nigeria and are quite familiar with work processes, the logistics and challenges that face operators in the region.




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